Wear earrings like a fashion blogger

Earrings are a trendy way for women to accessorize and decorate their outfits. They help you a simple outfit into a gorgeous one. Every earring type, from plain studs to extravagant ones plays a major role in the life of a woman. They are a great accessory and an expression of the personality of a woman as well.

There are several endless ways by which one can sport earrings and make them look striking. Fashion bloggers can help you know the most recent and cool trends in wearing earrings. Hoop earrings have made a great comeback now and with a huge influence from fashion bloggers, you can select from a wide range of alternatives that are available today. As you already know, you can use your earrings as a statement to the attire that you are wearing. Here are various other earring styling tips for you. 

Big and smooth earrings

You need to pick a large hoop earring that is well-polished and can match your outfit if you wish to get a cool bohemian look. To add an attractive appearance to your style, you can opt for a head wrap. Besides, you can add various chained necklaces and bracelets to enhance your look. 

Tiny hoop earrings

When you wish to accessorize your attire with simple yet sophisticated earrings, then you need to probably opt for a small or medium hoop earring that is best suited for any occasion or style. Small gold earring models are recommended since they are evergreen and will not fade in fashion. The designs unite and give confidence to individuals in addition to their attire as well. 

Large hoop earrings

Ladies who wish to wear casual and plain outfits can pick a large hoop earring as it absolutely accessorizes such simple outfits and adds a little something to them. There is a very special thing about these earrings. You need not do much to appear different from others. All you need to do is wear a plain or simple outfit and use these hoop earrings.

Multiple piercings

These are the most trending options. Women love it, particularly when their little ears are filled with jewels and glow from a distance. You can get the piercing done with anything you like. However, the hardest part is not the piercing but selecting the proper choice of earrings. You can try out various styles such as opting for similar studs, studs in 2-3 piercings and a drop-down earring in a single piercing, or contrasting studs or even chandeliers. Try and choose earrings that create a pattern.

Alphabet earrings

Jewellery with letters or names will never go out of fashion. People are in love with these things for decades. If you love them too, then you need to opt for letter pendant chains and initial stud earrings. You are sure to look wonderful in those, with the right attire. 


Studs can never go out of style as well. They are remarkable for daily wear, can easily complement any outfit type and especially look wonderful with short hair.

Metallic earrings

If you wish to be simple, then you should opt for short metallic earrings as they are ideal for styles for a straightforward look. Also, if you would like to style it with accessories, then you can try matching these earrings with beautiful jewellery such as metallic bracelets and finger rings.

Geometric earrings

These earrings are perfect with any hairstyle and any dress. If you are someone who often opts for a short haircut, then you should opt for these earrings as they are ideal for you. For a flawless look, you need to opt for attire that has a tribal and geometric print on it. 

The tips mentioned here are what the fashion bloggers follow to make them look smarter. It is always not wise to spend much on outfits. However, you can buy the appropriate accessories to look appealing and attractive. 

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