Offers that you should avoid for Online Slots

When you hear the words ‘online slots offer’, we would imagine the first thing you think about is something good – bargains, deals, price cuts and all that good stuff. This is a pretty normal reaction – but it’s worth knowing that not all online slots free spin no deposit offers are as good as they may seem. If you’re looking to find out which online slots offers to avoid next time you’re having a browse, look no further – this article has got you covered

What are examples of good online slots offers?

Before we dive into the offers to avoid, let’s take a step back and think about what makes us smile when we get a special offer. There are loads of different types, so it’s really hard to know which ones are the best. Personally, our three favourite types are:

          Matched deposits and reloads

          Free slot spins

          Sign up bonuses

Matched deposits and reloads are one of our favourites – simply deposit some cash into your favourite online casino and double your playing money. When you look at a deal like that, it’s pretty clear it’s a bargain. Sign up bonuses ae a good one to make use of too, as they often don’t even require a deposit – simply sign up to try a new casino, and get free slot spins – brilliant.

So what offers should I avoid?

With all this talk about our favourite offers, it begs the question – how could an offer possible be bad? Well, they may not be bad per se, but instead simply not giving you as much as you could get elsewhere. This can be a little overwhelming, so we’ve done a bit of research for you and compiled a table of the best and worst offers we’ve seen in 2021 so far.

Offer type Best Worst
Reload/matched deposit A simple matched deposit offer e.g. deposit £100, and have £200 to play with. A ‘bonus’ 10% of your deposit to play with. It’s not terrible, but it certainly isn’t 100%!
Free slot spins Many online casinos will occasionally offer up to 200 free spins for regular customers… …whereas others rarely even offer you 10 free spins, if any at all! Choose wisely…
Sign-up bonuses Sign-up with a £100 deposit to earn an extra £25 bonus Sign-up with no deposit and earn £50 bonus to play with!


Keep this handy next time you’re searching for offers – as you can see, it’s pretty obvious which deals to go for!


Overall, you can’t really go wrong when it comes to online casino offers, but personally we like to ensure that we are getting our money’s worth by avoiding the less lucrative deals. This is why it is so important to do your research and have a good browse around before deciding where you will spend your money – if you don’t do this, you could easily be losing out in the world of offers. Happy searching!

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