Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Diamond

When it comes to buying diamonds, you have to be extra careful and smart. It is not easy as it seems in the ads. You have to keep a lot of factors in mind to ensure you don’t end up making the wrong investment. 

Most people think that buying diamonds should be about the design and the jewellery but the truth is good diamonds are all about the perfect colour, cuts, clarity, and carat. Have you heard of the 4Cs? If not, then you need to work a lot. 

Thankfully, we have created a list of the most common mistakes that people often make while buying diamonds. Just read them and take a mental note of avoiding them as much as possible. Let’s start!

  • Not Doing Enough Research

Never buy any diamond jewellery without doing your homework. If you fail to do the proper research, you may end up buying the wrong diamond worth a lot of money. 

The first thing to learn about is the 4Cs – cut, clarity, carat, and colour of a diamond. Here the carat and colour are easy to check but the clarity and cut and more complicated. We would suggest you to read a proper guide for these parameters. If you don’t understand it clearly, then consult a trusted jeweller and understand how each of theses make a difference in a diamond’s quality. 

  • Not Comparing Prices

Don’t just buy the first diamond jewellery you see. And this is not just with jewellery shopping but any kind of shopping you do. It is always recommended to compare prices from different shops. For instance, if you are buying a solitaire ring, then do check the solitaire diamond price on both online and offline shops. 

Some online jewellery shops also offer multiple discounts and festive offers. Keep an eye on that too as it can help you save some bucks. 

  • Choosing Size Over Quality

Big diamonds don’t mean quality diamonds. Many buyers often make this mistake. They think that size translates to better and shinier diamonds. Due to this, they tend to ignore the colour and clarity of a diamond. 

This ultimately impacts the quality and leave them with a lower-quality diamond. Thus, as we said in the first pointer, read about the 4Cs and then prefer quality over size.  

  • Spending Too Much

Yes, diamonds are expensive but that does not mean you can put a heavy dent on your bank account. Most of the times people end up spending a lot on their diamond jewellery and it is after they reach home, that they realize what they have done. 

To save yourself from such fate, always set a budget in advance. This will help you create a boundary to your spending. You can also ask the jewellery experts to find the best diamond jewellery within your budget. Other than this, try to buy diamonds during festive seasons when most of the jewellers are offering exclusive discounts and offers. 

  • Not Reading Reviews While Buying Online 

Nowadays, people are also preferring online websites to buy diamond jewellery. And this is a great way for jewellery shopping as you can get the perfect piece from the comfort of your home. 

That being said, it is absolutely essential that you should read the reviews about the website to know its authenticity and credibility. Customer reviews can also help in understanding the clear picture of the whole shopping process and you can make an informed decision. 

Some other mistakes you can avoid are as follows: 

  • Rushing rush through the process
  • Not insuring your diamonds
  • Picking out the setting without giving it much thought
  • Not buying from a trusted brand

Done reading? Well, we are sure you are pretty much aware of what not to do when buying diamonds. Keep these tips in mind and you can become an expert in diamond shopping in no time!


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