How Is Smoking Cannabis Wax Different From Smoking Cannabis Flower

Cannabis consumption is becoming increasingly popular among teenagers after being legalized for its recreational use in several states in the US.

Many people prefer cannabis flowers due to their easy availability. Hence, many don’t consider using its better alternative, cannabis concentrate.

Cannabis concentrate might seem a bit intimidating due to its high potency, but you may not know that they also offer many benefits. And if it’s something that’s stopping you from trying the concentrate, you can always buy cannabis wax online and give it a try.

Cannabis concentrates are cleaner, convenient, and less odiferous than their flower counterpart.

Here’s how smoking cannabis concentrate and smoking cannabis flower are different.

Cannabis Concentrate

The term ‘concentrate’ here is an umbrella term for various cannabis extracts and monikers like BHO, CO2, wax, honey oil, etc. Regardless of the form, cannabis is high in potency. They are strong enough to get an under-seasoned person high in a single hit.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens, a traditional cannabis bud has about 10-15% THC concentration. On the other hand, a cannabis concentrate has an 80% THC concentration minimum.

Therefore, it’s better to work your way up slowly if you’re starting. You can start with tinctures and hash oils with lower THC concentrates than other options.

Concentrates are usually made using solvents to retain a high THC level. However, some concentrate is also made without any use of solvents. These concentrations are extracted with the help of CO2, alcohol, water, etc.

Solventless concentrate makes for an excellent choice for consumers of solvents’ effects on their health. Cannabis wax is one such solventless solution. You can try it if you are interested. You can also buy cannabis wax online if it isn’t available at your local distributor.

Cannabis Flower

Cannabis flowers are low in THC concentrate and high in flavors. These flowers are rich in Terpenes, giving them a fruitiness and musky smell. However, Terpenes are sensitive to heat and become lost when subjected to heat.

Since cannabis concentrate loses every ounce of plant essence during the extraction, they are less or utterly devoid of flavor. Because of this reason, many producers are introducing intense flavors in concentrates by adding live resin to the product.

Live resin is easy to retain and a great way to add flavor fullness to the concentrate without trying to preserve terpenes during the extraction process. Furthermore, the addition of resin makes the extracted product more relishing and clean comparatively.

Moreover, it’s also why smoking cannabis leaves behind a black residue and tar in your glass, unlike cannabis concentrate. Frequent smoking of cannabis flowers can also take a toll on your respiratory system if caution is not exercised.

Summing Up

The flower and concentrate of cannabis are popular choices among people who consume it.

Cannabis flowers are either dried or baked into small edibles for consumption. However, this is not the case with cannabis concentrate. These concentrates come in a versatile range of offerings and can be ingested.

Moreover, they are also easily accessible. So, if the availability was a bar keeping you from trying these convenient alternatives, then it’s no longer the case. You can approach your local distributor to avail them for you or order them online by yourself.

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