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Link Between Cancer and Hair Relaxers: Guidelines to Recover Better

Not every woman can resist the temptation of flaunting straight hair. Popular but unrealistic beauty standards set by social media and the fashion industry often make women change their natural hair structure. They feel that straight hair looks chic, and that adds to their overall persona. 

It certainly does, but the harm caused is much more than one can imagine. Women who’ve frequently used hair relaxers have developed cancer and other ailments. 

Uterine cancer is a predominant cancer that women suffer from after using chemical hair straighteners and relaxers. Therefore, women need to make safer and better hair styling choices that will help them stay safe.

In this article, we will delve into the link between hair relaxers and cancer and also find ways in which women can recover better.

The Sister Study

The American Cancer Society reported in October 2022 on the ‘Sister Study’, where crucial data were collected from over 33,000 women. The study delved into the risk factors for breast cancer and other ailments.

When women enrolled in this study, they had to answer a few questions about making use of various kinds of hair products. It included hair straighteners, hair dyes, relaxers, and even body waves.

The study followed up with women for over 11 years. The results stated that women opting for chemical hair straightening products and relaxers over twice a year were more vulnerable to uterine cancer than others. However, the researchers of this study didn’t find any correlation between uterine cancer and other hair products, such as perms, highlights, and hair dyes.

The Concerns Related to Cancer Caused by Hair Products

The data sourced from ‘Sister Study’ was used earlier to search for probable connections between hair products and various other kinds of cancer. It was mostly for the cancers that develop as a hormonal response. It comprises ovarian and breast cancer as well.

The cause of cancer has been pointed out to be chemicals that hair relaxers and straightening products carry. These harsh chemicals get absorbed into the body through the scalp and possess estrogen-like properties, which start to create a hormonal imbalance. Some hair products have formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen and is linked with cancer.

A study published in the British Medical Journal in 2020 found that women who dye their hair excessively have a higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer. However, the study didn’t find any link between the permanent use of hair dye and the majority of cancers, like lung, bladder, kidney, colon, or brain cancer.

Therefore, it is not surprising that women from various parts of the globe have been proactive in filing a hair straightener cancer lawsuit to seek justice and compensation. Based on the recent updates, as of February 2024, the total number of cases is 8,217.

The Recovery

Women who have developed uterine or any other form of cancer because of hair straighteners have to undergo ongoing medical treatment. It includes medicines, chemotherapy, and even dietary modifications. All these can create financial stress, which the patients can address by seeking monetary compensation through their lawsuits.

TorHoerman Law suggests that women should present their lawyers with medical documents, medical bills, healthcare data, and any other details that validate their suffering. The lawyer will use this data to develop a compelling case and ensure that they get a good settlement payout to cover their economic and non-economic damages.

Apart from this, the steps to recovery include the following:

Women can still look at styling their hair as they recover from cancer. However, it is best to opt for non-chemical hair treatment options that will enhance the hair condition without causing any disease or discomfort to their overall health.

In conclusion, women love to style their hair and follow the latest trends. But blindly following the hair styling options without knowing whether they cause harm to the body is not a wise decision. Women must steer clear from chemical hair treatments as the dangers are manifold. Therefore, it is necessary to choose chemical-free hair styling options that will benefit hair health and the scalp.

That aside, women who have been adversely affected by chemical hair relaxers and straighteners can seek both medical and legal assistance to set things right.


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